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SMU Aquathlon is a multisport club that combines both swimming and running into one exciting sport. We welcome everyone to train and grow together as we actively participate in races and engage in the multisport community. We are more than just a club, we are a family.


Monday 6:30 - 8pm @ SMU Swimming Pool

Thursday 7:30 - 9pm @ CCAB → Marina Barrage → SMU

Saturday 7:30 - 9:30am @ Sentosa



SMU SwimRunSprint

 Held annually


SMU SwimRunSprint is an annual event hosted by SMU Aquathlon. This race aims to promote Aquathlon, a multisport that comprises swimming and running, towards both SMU students and the general public. Experienced participants who are looking for a challenge can choose to compete in a standard distance race, while beginners to the sport can enter as a pair in the relay category. Do keep a look out for their virtual run happening in August this year!

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