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Dragon Boat is a competitive sport by nature, requiring resilience and team spirit. SMU Dragon Boat aims to instil such qualities in anyone who desires to excel in the sport. We participate in both local and overseas races when opportunities arise.

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Trainings @ Kallang Basin

  • Wednesday 7am-9am

  • Thursday 7am-9am (Women Only)

  • Friday 5pm-7pm (Men Only)

  • Saturday 7am-9am

  • Sunday 8am-10am



 |  Held annually in September

Splash aims to introduce Dragon Boat to incoming freshmen and anyone interested in learning more about the sport. With a range of land and water activities prepared, participants can expect a holistic and complete experience of the sport and culture that SMUDB can offer. Splash aims to introduce Dragon Boating to incoming freshmen and provide a platform for team building to gel a group of unfamiliar freshmen together. It also serves as a large-scaled clinic and recruitment drive for individuals interested in the sport.

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