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SMU Fencing is a premier Fencing Club that specializes in the epee style.

En garde, Prets, Allez!

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Monday 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Friday 4pm - 6pm

@ SMU Gym Studio


Saturday 5pm - 7pm 

@ Admin Building Level 4




Asian Varsity Fencing Championships (AVFC)

 Held annually in June


AVFC is an annual fencing championship hosted by and held in Singapore Management University. It aims to provide tertiary level athletes with a platform to compete at an international level, allowing them to gauge both the varying standards of different universities in Asia as well as the variety in techniques and strategies employed by fencers outside Singapore.

Fencing Day 

Held in March

IMG_6013 (1).PNG

Fencing Day is a one-day event held in Singapore Management University. As a public event, it serves to promote fencing to the entire school community. At the end of the event, non-club participants would be exposed to fencing, instilling participants with basic knowledge, skills and techniques of fencing. 

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