Football is a game based on stamina, speed and agility. As a competitive team, it takes great skill and communication between players to score just one goal. As dedicated sportspeople, we strive to do our best out on the pitch, and leave no player behind.

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Sunday 3pm (MJC)


Every Monday and Friday 7pm (St. Wilfred’s)


Diva La Futbol

 Held annually in June

Diva La Futbol (DLF) is the largest annual futsal tournament for women in Singapore. Through DLF, we hope to reach out to the community by promoting sports among women. This 17 year initiative aims to create the awareness that girls and women can play football. The tournament sees an average of 300-400 participants annually. We hope to bring women of different backgrounds and from all walks of life together to enjoy the joy of football. Football is more than just a game where goals are scored and matches are won. Rather, it is a shared activity that unites people and forges bonds.

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