Operations Director:

Chun Yoong Ming, Kenneth

Deputy Operations Director:

Christabelle Lim Wen Sing

The operations team takes care of three main aspects of the SMU Sports Union: Safety, Assets and Venues. We ensure that clubs have sufficient and quality training venues and procure the best training equipment possible for all SSU Sportsmen. We are also responsible for the training safety of the Sports Clubs in ensuring a safe and conducive training environment for all members. 

We may have an intense dragon, but we at least have a nice cat 🐱to balance things out 😜. 

What’s one part of your role that you find really fulfilling?

Both: We feel extremely satisfied when we see that clubs can train and excel because of our efforts to acquire the best sporting equipment or when they are able to prevent any serious injury due to the safety protocols we have put in place. 

Why did you run for SSU?

Kenneth: Being in the Organising Committee for the various SSU events, I saw the amount of pride and dedication that the SSU Management Committee put into improving the lives of student athletes. I have always drawn pride and joy from being able to help my peers and make a difference in their lives and I thought where else better to do it than in the Sports Union? The rest was history. 

Christabelle: I guess it started from my interest in wanting to try out more sports in uni, and after going through sports camp and waikiki as a freshie, I was really inspired by all the hardwork and effort put in by the seniors. So what better way to learn more about other sports and experience the backend process, while giving back to the sporting community and carrying on our seniors’ works at the same time!!!

What’s something you do in your position that most people wouldn’t know?

Both: Most people think that we are mostly in charge of hands-on tasks such as setting up of an event, however there’s actually more to that, where in terms of events specifically, there are several documents that need to be submitted and approved prior to the event. Hence, we would try to help the clubs and get it approved ASAP!! Other than that, we also procure assets and maintain venues, such that clubs will be able to train at their best! 

Over your term, what do you think is the most important trait to have in your position?

Kenneth: As the SSU Operations Director, I guess the most important trait is proactiveness. Being in charge of Safety, one of the top 3 non-negotiables for the Sports Union, I have to uphold the safety standards put in place by the Office of Safety and Security. That comes with having regular conversations with OSS on the latest safety measures that the school has adopted and also communicating to the clubs of the safety protocols to ensure that everyone trains safely.

Christabelle: I think the most important trait is to be organized, as handling and being accountable for the 31 clubs and SSU’s assets can get messy with the loaning out of assets, wear and tear, loss of items etc. Therefore, it is important to be organized and have a proper system to keep track of where all these assets are. 

What's one thing you’ve gained from your experience in SSU so far?

Kenneth: The best thing that I have gained from SSU is the strong friendship bonds that I have made throughout my time working with my fellow Union members. From the first day to the last, I always feel immense pride and joy for being part of a strong and dedicated team always striving to improve the lives of student athletes in any way possible. We have survived tough times together and there is no better team that I would rather go through it again with than my 16th MC buddies 😎

Christabelle: I think that the experience that I expected vs. what I experienced was very different due to the COVID-19 situation, which resulted in alot of changes in plans. Nonetheless, it was a fruitful experience seeing everyone try to make the best out of the situation, not only in our own departments but as a whole union, supporting each other wherever possible and building on each other’s strength. So I guess the one thing that I’ve gained from my experience in SSU so far would be the friendship forged – through maintaining positivity during tough times and believing in each other’s works, ultimately working together as a whole 😊

Might of One, Strength from All

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