Operations Director:

Umar Danial 

Deputy Operations Director:

Phebe Meredith Lau

The operations team takes care of three main aspects of the SMU Sports Union: Safety, Assets and Venues. We ensure that clubs have sufficient and quality training venues and procure the best training equipment possible for all SSU Sportsmen. We are also responsible for the training safety of the Sports Clubs in ensuring a safe and conducive training environment for all members. 


Most fulfilling part of your role?

Both: Knowing that what you do makes a difference, to keep all 33 SSU Clubs safe,  especially in times like these. Also to contribute to the sporting community in SMU and seeing our contributions take effect.

Most important trait to have in your position?

Umar: To think outside of the box. With the pandemic, there has been a lot of restrictions placed on our clubs with regards to their training venues and how they can train. The SSU Ops Director has to be able to get creative to ensure that clubs are still able to carry out efficient training but at the same time adhere to the safety regulations

Phebe: Organisation and being meticulous. Also always thinking about things in the most practical and logical perspective.

What's one thing you’ve gained from your experience in SSU so far?

Umar: Connections and valuable friendships within the MC and also with the sportspeople population from the clubs that we work with.

Phebe: Definitely the valuable friendships formed within SSU and external parties :-)) Besides that, I learnt how to think analytically and find ways to better improve systems in place and make things more efficient.

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