Events Director: 

Denzyl Khoo Yao Rong 

Deputy Events Directors:

Rafiq Hariz Bin Hanafi

Joy Neo Jia Yu

The events team charters and drives the brand of sports to the forefront of SMU by guiding and advising sports clubs’ internal and external events. The team also spearheads and executes SSU’s Signature Events such as Sports Camp and Waikiki  to promote a vibrant sporting culture, long lasting friendships and a one of a kind experience for all.

Most fulfilling part of your role?

Denzyl: Making a difference in the sporting community.

Rafiq and Joy: Being able to serve and make a positive impact on the sporting community through events. 

Most important trait to have in your position?

Denzyl: Having the foresight to plan ahead.

Rafiq: To think of things from a big picture perspective.

Joy: The ability to get up and dust yourself off after hitting an obstacle.


What's one thing you’ve gained from your experience in SSU so far?

Denzyl: I have learned that it is extremely important to be flexible and creative, and  never to be closed-minded.

Rafiq: The importance of patience and communication. Given how big SSU is, decisions made can be easily misunderstood. Approaching it with patience and a mindset of “seeking first to understand then to be understood” is essential in this capacity.

Joy: One thing I have learnt is that the grind genuinely never stops and that being on the ball is very important. If you think you are trying hard, others are trying harder.

Might of One, Strength from All