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Rachel Tan (Middle) 

Vice President:

Jeremy Cheong (Left)

Honorary General Secretary:

Caleb Lim (Left)

The Management Department provides for the governance and administrative functions of SSU Clubs and the SSU Management Committee. It ensures that all Management Committee departments are working synchronously to achieve the strategic and operational objectives of the Union.

Q: What does your role entail?

Rachel: My responsibilities as the President centre upon the strategic and external-facing aspects of SSU. From liasing with school offices, other CBds and external organisations, my role is to be a conduit for more opportunities and possibilities for our members!

Jeremy: As the Vice-President my main responsibility encompasses the internal-facing aspects of SSU. I assist by providing guidance to clubs and encouraging them to embody SSU's mission. Overall, I ensure that all processes are up to standard and that the Union can effectively and efficiently carry out its duties.

Caleb: As SSU's HGS, I am in charge of the administrative structure and deal with the inner workings of SSU. More importantly, I ensure that CCA clubs' transcripts and official correspondences are uploaded onto the respective portals so that the clubs will be recognised for their efforts. 

Might of One, Strength from All

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