Dylan Thet Tin

Vice President:

 Choo Jia Xian

Honorary General Secretary:

Ryan Lai Teck Xuan  

As the President, Vice-President and HGS, our responsibilities include maintaining good external relations with other stakeholders, tackling internal issues and ensuring that our 33 sports clubs have all they need to contribute to the vibrant sporting culture in SMU.


Each of our roles are very different but it goes without saying that our common goal is to better the lives of our sportsmen here in SMU! So take a look below to find out more about how and why we do that!

Most fulfilling part of your role?

Dylan: Being given the opportunity to represent the interests of SSU on a greater scale is fulfilling.

Jia Xian: Being in charge of the club classification system puts you in a position to make adjustments and push for changes that benefit and empower the sporting community in SMU. 

Ryan: Knowing how administrative roles and responsibilities can be extremely mundane and tedious, it gives me a sense of fulfilment when I am able to help attend to the queries of clubs and also ease the workload of the club HGSes by simplifying tedious administrative procedures.

The most important trait to have in your position?

Dylan: Staying grounded. Remain unwavering in the face of immense pressure. It also never hurts to conduct yourself with humble confidence.

Jia Xian: Clarity. There are a lot of decisions to be made and problems to be solved. Being clear about the purpose and the steps required to achieve the goals will allow you to solve complex problems with greater ease.

Ryan: Being meticulous. A HGS is exposed to many administrative documents such as guidelines and constitutions. There is a strong need to think ahead to consider the perspectives and interests of the clubs before any decision, guideline or procedure is being crafted and passed off.


What's one thing you’ve gained from your experience in SSU so far?

Dylan: No man is an island. On the flip side, you can’t manage others until you manage yourself. It takes a fine balance of recognizing the strengths of others, while checking your own shortcoming.

Jia Xian: Definitely the friendships built not just within the MC but also the sports leaders in the union. Was also able to pick up the intricacies of how to manage relations between stakeholders and how to effectively communicate your ideas to them.

Ryan: To be open-minded and flexible, especially in a time of huge volatility during the pandemic. We have to always be ready for sudden and abrupt disruptions that could impact our plans.

Might of One, Strength from All