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Brendan Tay Jing Xun

Vice President:

Leong Jun Kit Zachry

Honorary General Secretary:

Loo Zi Yi

As the President, Vice-President and HGS, our responsibilities include maintaining good external relations with other stakeholders, tackling internal issues and ensuring that our 32 sports clubs have all they need to contribute to the vibrant sporting culture in SMU.


Each of our roles are very different but it goes without saying that our common goal is to better the lives of our sportsmen here in SMU! 

Q: What does your role entail?

Brendan: My focus is on the external aspects of the Union. From liasing with the school offices and other CBDs, to setting the direction for the year, most of the time my job is to initiate conversations with people to make SSU even bigger and better!

Zachry: My focus is on the internal affairs of SSU. This includes ensuring that all our processes are up to standard, as well as adequately incentivising and empowering clubs to embody SSU’s Mission.

Zi Yi: I deal primarily with the inner workings of SSU. Some matters under my job scope include the school's CCA transcript systems, official correspondences as well as the administrative structure of SSU. I also handle club discipline through the SSU penalty system and control the formation and closure of SSU clubs.

Might of One, Strength from All