Marketing and Corporate

Communications Director:

Chen Zi Xian, Chermain (middle)

Deputy Marketing Director:

Tay Wei Ying Claire (left)

Deputy Corporate Communications


Bernadette Claire Shuet Wan Boey (right)

We handle what you see on our social media📱, your representative school jerseys 🤩 and many other initiatives such as sourcing and providing welfare for all of you on SSU DAY!!!🤪🤪 

What’s one part of your role that you find really fulfilling?

Chermain: The appreciation by people for the backend work that we do. 

Bernadette: When I’m able to see that the work that I do makes people happy, or when sponsors reply to my emails and are willing to sponsor our events!

Claire: Being able to design marketing collaterals that are appreciated and recognised by others as well as working together with the MC to help the 31 sports clubs to the best of our abilities.   

Over your term, what do you think is the most important trait to have in your position?

Chermain: Patience and forgiveness are traits that should come hand in hand and are traits that I am still trying to adopt. 

Bernadette: Practicality, because as much as we want our expectations to be met in terms of people, sign ups, club responses, attitudes etc., we must also be practical about these expectations and not set them unrealistically high. 

Claire: Over the past few months, I have learnt that it is important to be understanding of each other as well as being able to adapt to situations. As marketing is subjective most of the time, I have learnt that it is important to be receptive to feedback from others in order to improve myself. It is also essential to adapt to any unforeseen situations such as the COVID-19 situation and thinking of other alternatives to reach out to the students and staff of SMU. 

Why did you run for SSU?

Chermain: I ran for SSU because I wanted to reach out and learn more about the clubs as well as what SSU can do to make their experience a much better one.  

Bernadette: I wanted to be part of a community that really gave back to the SMU sporting community and recognised the contributions of each sportsman and sportswoman to the SMU sporting community.

Claire: I decided to run for the Marketing Deputy role in SSU as I always had a passion for sports and after attending sports camp and Waikiki, I wanted to play a part in giving back to the vibrant sporting culture and being able to impact the sporting community in SMU. 

What’s something you do in your position that most people wouldn’t know?

Chermaine: We provide assistance to clubs who are looking to start up their events on a larger scale and are looking for potential sponsors.

Bernadette: Besides finding sponsors for our own events, we also help clubs who may be looking for sponsors for their own club events as well!

Claire: Apart from designing collaterals and being in charge of SSU’s Instagram and Facebook account, we are also in charge of designing and updating the notice boards that you see along the walkway featuring the 31 sports clubs (and us!!). I also communicate with the other marketing directors and provide help whenever I am able to. 

What's one thing you’ve gained from your experience in SSU so far?

Chermain: That it is important to want to do things that you have a passion for. And that it is okay to seek help from others if you do not possess the expertise.

Bernadette: Not really gained but as cliche as this sounds I learnt the importance of respect towards every member and teamwork within the whole of the SSU!

Claire: Apart from being able to hone my marketing skills, the friendships forged throughout this journey would be one of my biggest takeaways thus far and it has definitely played a crucial role in my SMU journey!

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