Honorary Finance Secretary: 

Kevin Sia Wei Ming

Deputy Honorary Finance Secretary:

Rachel Esther Chan Li

The SSU Finance Team takes charge of ensuring a healthy🌿 fiscal balance of all 31 clubs as well as the union itself. We are able to accomplish this by working closely with 31 trusted finsecs to manage clubs accounts and the accountability of all claims 👅, with monthly audits🤮 and excel claims statements🤤!! 


With one golf member and one badminton player, we’ll sure be BAT-ting 🏸⛳️ our way through — do BET on SSU to recharge your BATTery and be part of this union for a BETTer school life ahead!!!

What’s one part of your role that you find really fulfilling?

Kevin and Rachel: Honestly, in the process of our duties of managing claims and monthly audits, we got to know some of the finance secretaries of the 31 clubs personally over time through the casual texts regarding finance matters of claims or ssu matters. Through it all, we both felt that the new friendships forged  was really a great takeaway that made our role in SSU particularly special to us. 

Over your term, what do you think is the most important trait to have in your position?

Kevin: I would say the most important trait in Finance is Responsibility. Being given the role as Finance Director, you’re trusted by your fellow SSU MC members, clubs under SSU’s care, managers in Office of Student Life and staff in Office of Finance to uphold the responsibility to manage the clubs’ and SSU’s financial information and ensure no fraudulent activities.

Rachel: I think the most important part of being in Finance is really accountability and organisation. To be able to account for all the claims being made by all 31 clubs and being able to organise your paperwork such that it is readable and creates an effective ‘check-back’ system for you to ensure the accountability of all records (claims and monthly audits).

What’s something you do in your position that most people wouldn’t know?

Kevin: Most people think that the finance department only does claims and crunching out numbers. What they do not know is that we work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure growth and sustainability for all entities in SSU. 

Rachel: Most people know of the finance role as handling the financials of the 31 clubs. But i’m sure most are  unsure of how exactly we do it and our bi-weekly and monthly routine. While being specific to the numbers is part of our trade, my biweekly routine includes errands like running to the admin building to hand over the claims for oFin and also pass claims of larger amounts to OSL. It comprises a lot about accountability of the claims as the claims pass through so many hands and we have to be sure of how many claims and of which amounts are submitted and the dates they are submitted. 

What's one thing you’ve gained from your experience in SSU so far?

Kevin: Walking away with experience and a great family

Rachel: Through this whole journey, apart from the family that i’m definitely walking away with!!, I was given a lot of opportunities to speak up in front of a crowd/mass assembly and to practice my public speaking skills (through mass meetings hosted by me and Kevin in front of the 31clubs or speeches made in AGMs). All in all, even though I was initially worried about juggling my studies with the new commitment, if I can turn back time, I would not have traded this journey with any other. 

Why did you run for SSU?

Kevin: There are 2 reasons that made me run for SSU. First, I would like to let other people know that sportsmen like us are able to work hard and play hard in both sports and academics. Second, I would like to give back to the SMU Community. In my freshmen year, I enjoyed my time in all the events that were held by SSU. It was a place where all sportsmen interact and forge new friendships. I made many friends throughout the year and understood the importance and existence of SSU. Hence, I decided to step up and give my 110% effort to the new batch of SMU Freshmen and expose them to different sports that we have in SMU.

Rachel: Running for the Deputy Finance role in SSU was filled with a large part of wanting to make a difference in the SMU sporting culture and to immerse myself with new aspects of finance duties and responsibilities. I also wanted to be part of the mostdopeunion!!! in SMU, being able to spearhead the union’s signature events with the rest of the union. 

Might of One, Strength from All

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