Honorary Finance Secretary: 

Saw Min Nyo

Deputy Honorary Finance Secretary:

Michelle Chan Yong Yi

The SSU Finance Team takes charge of ensuring a healthy fiscal balance of all 33 clubs as well as the union itself. We are able to accomplish this by working closely with 33 trusted finsecs to manage clubs accounts and the accountability of all claims, with monthly audits and excel claims statements.

Most fulfilling part of your role?

Min Nyo: Knowing that my work makes a difference to the clubs is a strong motivation to give my best in what I do. 

Michelle: Being able to communicate with the club finance secretaries effectively and knowing that I am able to provide clarity, assurance and most importantly, a reliable help to them.

Most important trait to have in your position?

Min Nyo: Attention to detail. You simply cannot skimp on this trait as it affects your credibility. 

Michelle: Being neat and organized so that you will know where all the documents are for easy retrieval whenever. There are times where there is a need to backtrack many items in order to find out the current issue.


What's one thing you’ve gained from your experience in SSU so far?

Min Nyo: That nothing is cast in stone until the act is done. Especially with Covid, everything has become so dynamic and we must have an open mind when facing issues.

Michelle: To manage many different stakeholders can be difficult and must be done delicately. As finance can be quite a sensitive issue and it affects the club’s operations to a certain extent.

It is important that as a finance department we are able to give the necessary support and assurance to the club to work with them and enable them to do what they have set for the club.

Might of One, Strength from All